Tanzania without a doubt leads the race for housing some of the best national parks in the world. Whether it is Ngorongoro Conservation Area in the northern part, Selous Game Reserve in the southern part, Mahale Mountains in the Western part, or Mafia Islands approximately 40 km of the coast, every destination has got something unique on offer. Our tours are exclusively centered on Tanzania National Parks and game reserves.

Tanzania lying on the eastern part of Africa is a large country - 13th largest in Africa with an area of 947,303 square kilometers. And as vast as it may sound or seem, it is equally diverse both in terms of human population and flora and fauna. Over 120 distinct ethnic groups reside inside the borders of Tanzania in harmony, while animals stand at 310 discernible species, and 910 avifauna species. The diversity in Tanzania is not only limited to biological life forms, but it can be perceived in land forms and vegetation as well. The Tanzania mainland is mainly a large central plateau which forms mountains, plains, grasslands, and rolling hills that you see in National Parks In Tanzania. Ngorongoro is the largest intact caldera in the world with some spectacular pristine wildlife beauty. The country also borders with some of the largest lakes in Africa which hosts colossal amount of avifauna. The country borders with Indian Ocean in the western side of it where the beaches provide an excellent relaxing atmosphere. Head over to Zanzibar archipelago where there are some of the best diving spots in the world for experiencing the vivid coral reef.

All Of The Tanzanian National Parks Can Be Categorized Into Four Groups:

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