Cycling And Mountain Biking

Embark on a cycling adventure and pedal through the breathtaking African scenery! Bicycle rentals are available nearly everywhere, and we’ve curated the most enchanting and picturesque tours for you. Whether you prefer a leisurely ride or a more challenging pedal, the perfect trail awaits your discovery!


Escape the routine of traditional safari tours with a refreshing and energizing bike ride through Uganda’s ever-changing landscape. Accompanied by experienced guides and equipped with modern, well-maintained mountain bikes, you can explore popular trails or venture off the beaten path for a truly immersive experience.

Details of Cycling and Mountain biking
Some of the best mountain bike trails in Uganda:

  • Kampala to Ssezibwa falls, 39 km
  • Nile special loop starting in Jinja, 135 km
  • Kampala Mukono (Mandela stadium) to Speke Munyonyo, 47 km
  • The ViaVia Entebbe loop, 20 km
  • Mount Elgon from Sipi to Mbale 70 km
  • Mount Elgon short trail, 15 km
  • Mburo national park 63 km
  • Bwindi trail from Buhoma to the Ivi River, 13 km