African Adventures

So, you’ve heard of the Big 5 and the Wildebeest Migration. It’s an ideal opportunity to step it up and discover African adventures for an enthralling experience. Underneath are few things you can do while being on your African adventure.

Track turtles along the balmy Indian Ocean

Turtles are ungainly ashore yet acrobatic in the ocean – and many simply brought forth adolescents make it their first mission to leave the home and achieve the warm Indian Ocean before they can be swooped up by hungry seagulls.

Dive with whale sharks off Kenya

These incredible fish – which are longer than a school bus – are playful, tranquil and relaxed, making for incredible underwater encounters.

Chimpanzee trekking in Tanzania

Although mountain gorillas get more high-profile attention, finding a group of playful chimps in the wild is one of the most exciting and intriguing animals encounters you can experience.

Be Wildly Adventurous

High-octane adventure exists around each corner in Africa. Experience bungee jumping off a bridge, swim up to the edge of the world’s biggest cascade, or river-raft pontoon a portion of the most stunning rapids on Earth.

Climbing Mountains

Africa offers brilliant extravagant and trekking options. Climbing Kilimanjaro – the world’s tallest freestanding mountain and Africa’s highest peak – is an iconic experience. Along with Mount Kilimanjaro, also go for a hike on Mount Kenya.

The Great Migration

The earth vibrates with the thundering of millions of hooves as heaving herds of wildebeest, few lifetime experiences can beat that of watching over a million wildebeest plus more than hundreds of zebras and gazelle – followed by their predators.

As the saying goes, ‘There is always something new out of Africa.’ She is slowly unfurling her secrets for us, and it’s great to discover them one by one. Nothing can be compared to the African adventures.


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