Tanzania Travel Tips To Know Before You Go

Tanzania destinations have a wild flair, an exotic charm, and a mystique to evoke an adventurer’s imaginations. Apart from landscapes and locals, Tanzania destinations have rich wildlife. There are some Tanzania travel tips to know before you go to the amazing vacation. Some of them include-

The Best Time To Visit Tanzania– From June To October.

January, February and July, the breeding seasons are the best months to visit Serengeti and other Tanzania destinations.

High Season-

July to September for the parks of the northern circuit,
July/October for the parks of the southern and western circuit.

Clothing Necessities For The Safari-

Avoid white as it will turn earthly brown very soon.
Bring a change for each day.
Avoid the blue and black colours as they attract flies.
Wear Clothing made of natural fibres such as cotton.
Wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants to avoid insects during dusks and dawns.
Carry a sweater or jacket during the dry season.

Be Prepared For Frostbites And Altitude Sickness-

When in Africa, frostbite is not a usual problem. But on Kilimanjaro, frostbites can be a real concern. The mountain is 19,341 feet above the sea level. Be careful when climbing onto the top of the mountain. Wear proper winter gear to avoid frostbite.


As such there are no legal immunizations to travel to Tanzania if you are from Europe or the US. However, you do need to prove your yellow fever inoculation before visiting Tanzania. Some of the highly recommended vaccinations during your visit to Tanzania include-

Yellow Fever
Hepatitis A

Be it mastering the mountains or exploring the world heritage sites or seeing the most amazing species of animals or getting real insights into the life of the indigenous tribes the magical land of Tanzania destinations has got it all. Call us or visit our website to book your tour to your favourite Tanzania destinations.


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