Best Time To Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is possible throughout the year, but determining the best time depends on various factors. Typically, the main tourist seasons align with the dry periods in Tanzania, occurring from July to October and then from December to February, with a peak in visitors during December.

Weather on Kilimanjaro – Best Time to Climb

April – June: The primary rainy season extends from late March to mid-June. It is challenging to predict exact rainfall patterns during this period, making it the warmest time in Tanzania.

June – August: Rainfall diminishes, and temperatures on Kilimanjaro drop. While the weather is generally dry and clear, nights can be extremely cold. June tends to be calm.

August – October: August and especially September mark the peak climbing season on Kilimanjaro. The weather is excellent with many sunny mornings and relatively warmer temperatures than in June/July. However, occasional cloud cover may persist in the forest/moorland zone.

October/November: Weather becomes more unpredictable, and the number of climbers decreases. The onset of the wetter period is characterized by afternoon clouds and occasional rainstorms.

November/December: November is a minor rainy season extending into mid-December. With dropping temperatures and associated hazards, it is not considered the best time to climb Kilimanjaro.

December/January: The second peak climbing season occurs for about a month and a half around Christmas and New Year. Despite the chance of rainfall and thick mists in lower areas, there is high activity.

January-March: Mid-January to mid-March is another favorable time for climbing Kilimanjaro. The weather is moderate, not excessively cold or wet, with fewer climbers. Days are generally dry, clear, with occasional brief showers. Note that weather patterns vary yearly, and this monthly guide provides a general overview.


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