Rwanda Safari Tips to know before you go

Planning a safari to Rwanda requires careful preparation and organization. Here are some essential tips to consider before embarking on your journey:

Packing List: Begin your packing with essential items, tailored to the specific purpose of your trip. For gorilla trekking, include items such as a rain jacket, waterproof hiking boots, long-sleeved shirts/T-shirts, insect repellents, camera, binoculars, daypack, gardening gloves, and more.

Gorilla Etiquette and Best Time for Gorilla Trekking: During gorilla safaris, adhere to gorilla etiquette, which includes avoiding direct eye contact, maintaining silence, keeping a safe distance of 8 meters from the apes, refraining from smoking or eating in the forest, and avoiding the use of cameras with flashlights. Additionally, note that gorilla trekking is possible during the wet season (March, April, and November), considered the low season.

Money Tips: Rwanda operates on a cash-based economy, primarily using Rwandan francs and US dollars. It is advisable to exchange your money into the local currency for personal spending in Rwanda.

Safety and Security in Rwanda: Rwanda is generally safe and secure for travelers. Follow safety and security measures, especially in unfamiliar areas, to ensure a smooth travel experience.

Health Status: Your health is crucial during a safari to Rwanda. Ensure you are free from illnesses to be permitted to track gorillas.

Mobile Use: Rwanda has a reliable cell phone network that covers the country. You can bring your unlocked cell phone and purchase a local SIM card for communication.

In conclusion, these travel advice and tips are invaluable in guiding your safari planning to Rwanda. Follow these guidelines to enhance your experience and ensure a memorable journey.



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