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Exploring the resting place of Dian Fossey and her companion, Digit, is essential for anyone with a deep interest in gorillas or conservation.


Embark on an extraordinary adventure in Zanzibar, immersing yourself in the wonders of the ocean and lush landscapes. Highlights Experience the magic of a Kizimkazi boat trip, where the Indian….

Experience the Karen Blixen Coffee Garden Tour, where a simple cup of coffee transforms into an extravagant affair, indulging in the aromatic Kenyan ground coffee in Nairobi. The tour invites….

Get a glimpse into the way local Tanzanians live with this day trip to the quaint village of Materuni. Far away from the hustle and bustle of Tanzania’s tourist trail,….

Delight in a scenic stroll through Nyungwe National Park.


Unique aerial views of the magic below. A magical experience of silence surrounding the balloon… Quite surreal. Soar high at daybreak and enjoy a champagne breakfast in the savannah upon….

Embark on a safari like no other as you cruise down the Rufiji River in Nyerere National Park aboard a motorboat. Witness the guarantee of encountering crocodiles, hippos, and buffaloes….

Let your heart rate race and feel your blood flowing through your veins, thumping into your head, making it unbelievably light again! Treat yourself with fear-packed-adrenalin-boosted-water touching 44 meters deep….

You probably first thought of trekking, where you’ll be able to see gorillas, right? It is certainly one of the most beautiful experiences that Africa has to offer but by….

Whether you prefer a half-day adventure on a nine-hole course to fulfill your passion or wish to make golf an integral part of your journey, Uganda boasts numerous splendid golf….