Karen Blixen Coffee Garden Tour

Experience the Karen Blixen Coffee Garden Tour, where a simple cup of coffee transforms into an extravagant affair, indulging in the aromatic Kenyan ground coffee in Nairobi.

The tour invites you to the remarkable historic Grogan/MacMillan Manor House, nestled within the Karen Blixen Coffee Garden, meticulously preserved since it was relocated brick by brick from the city to the garden in 2008.

This 5 ½-acre Coffee Garden is adorned with a lush landscape and towering hundred-year-old trees. Don’t forget to engage in a bit of bird watching, given the garden’s abundance of birdlife and diverse flowers.

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Tour Highlights:

  1. Enjoy sports like squash, tennis, and golf during your Karen Blixen Coffee Garden Tour.
  2. Don’t miss the captivating highlight, “Circling the Sun.”
  3. Relax in nature and unwind in the charming cottages nestled within the gardens.
  4. Gain insights at the Karen Blixen museum.
  5. Venture into the coffee plantations for an immersive experience.
  6. Take a guided tour of the property, reveling in the spectacular view of the Ngo.