Mto Wa Mbu Village Walk

This distinctive village in Tanzania serves as the residence for over 120 diverse tribes from across Africa. A leisurely stroll through the village provides a rare chance to submerge yourself in the extraordinary diversity of its inhabitants.

Join us for a 2-hour stroll through the Mto Wa Mbu local farming village. Your walk will traverse local farms, homes, schools, a kindergarten, the market, and milling machines, offering a rich array of experiences. Consider opting for a local lunch during your visit!

These walks are available in the morning or afternoon. After your exploration, unwind and enjoy a local lunch in the village center or treat yourself to one of the restaurants in Mto Wa Mbu.

Details of Mto Wa Mbu village walk

Mto Wa Mbu, positioned on the main road before Kratu town and surrounded by breathtaking scenery, is reputed to be the gathering place for representatives from all of Tanzania’s 120 tribal groups. This cultural melting pot is home to approximately 20,000 people, constituting a thriving farming community.

Witness the vitality of their lifestyle as you observe their farms, milling machines, schools, markets, and churches. Explore the village banana plantation and a youth art group showcasing various painting techniques. Step into a workshop where skilled members of the Makonde tribe carve intricate figurines, masks, and household items from wood.

Make sure to visit a local ‘bar’ to sample Mbege, a traditional banana and millet beer primarily brewed and consumed by the Chagga tribe. After a brief refreshment, don’t overlook the vibrant local market, where you can immerse yourself in the aromatic scents of spices and feast your eyes on colorful fruit and vegetable stalls.

Your guide hails from the village, providing you with a unique opportunity to see the community through their eyes. Feel free to ask detailed questions and gain deeper insights into the rich tapestry of this diverse and dynamic village.