Nairobi Cultural And Shopping Experience Day Tour

Immerse yourself in Nairobi’s vibrant culture with a day dedicated to exploring, shopping, and indulging in art and entertainment.

About The Tour

Discovering the richness of Kenyan and African cultures has never been more accessible than with this comprehensive tour. Spend a full day embracing both shopping and cultural experiences by visiting iconic cultural hubs like the African Heritage Gallery and Utamaduni Craft Center.

This full-day excursion offers a multifaceted journey into Kenyan culture and artistic expression. Explore the African Heritage Gallery, a showcase of Kenya’s remarkable artistic talent. Acknowledged as the “Largest and most organized craft organization in Africa” by the World Bank, the gallery features an array of handicrafts, trinkets, souvenirs, textiles, and sculptures.

Experience the vibrant traditional dance and acrobatics of the Bomas of Kenya, complemented by a guided tour of the Bomas traditional village for a glimpse into their way of life.

Lunch is a delightful affair at the renowned Karen Blixen Coffee Garden, offering a feast for both the eyes and the taste buds. A visit to the Kazuri factory provides insight into the creation of African jewelry crafted from clay.


  1. Visit 5 popular points of interest, all covered seamlessly in one comprehensive tour.
  2. Gain insight into the lives and work of single mothers in Kenya through a visit to the Kazuri beads factory.
  3. Indulge in a traditional lunch at the picturesque Karen Blixen Coffee Garden.
  4. Be captivated by the traditional dances and acrobatics presented by the famous Bomas of Kenya.
  5. Explore the rich history of African art, culture, and trade at Nairobi’s African Heritage and Trade Galleries.