Night Game Safari

Discovering the Nocturnal Realm

Engage in a unique adventure with night game drives, offering an exclusive glimpse into the activities of elusive nocturnal creatures.

Observing Nocturnal Animals: Embark on a thrilling journey to encounter nocturnal wonders, including porcupines, civet cats, aardvarks, genets, mongoose, cape hares, and more. As the sun sets, the landscape transforms, unveiling the mysteries of creatures hidden during the day.

Predators and Herbivores at Night: Experience the enchantment of witnessing predators and herbivores in their nocturnal element. The night game drive provides an unparalleled opportunity to observe these creatures’ behaviors and interactions under the cover of darkness.

Immersive Nocturnal Exploration: For those yearning to delve into the world of nighttime wildlife, the night game drive is an extraordinary choice. Explore the secrets of the wilderness when the stars illuminate the path and nocturnal creatures come to life.

Details of Night game drive

Discover a Different World with Night Game Drives

Unlock the Secrets of the Night

Night game drives offer an extraordinary opportunity to witness the wonders of the nocturnal world, observing elusive animals like porcupines, civet cats, and aardvarks. Additionally, it’s a captivating way to observe nocturnal predators and herbivores thriving in their natural habitat.

Nocturnal Predators and Herbivores: As the sun sets, big cats like leopards and lions come to life, engaging in their nocturnal hunting activities. Hippopotamuses, usually found in watery homes during the day, trade the waters for the plains, providing a unique spectacle.

Where to Experience Night Game Drives: Night game drives are available as an optional add-on, conducted by authorized tour operators in specific parks. In Tanzania, you can enjoy night game drives in Lake Manyara National Park and Tarangire National Park. However, they are not permitted in the Serengeti or Ngorongoro Conservation Area. In Kenya, Ol Pejeta is the exclusive location where night game drives are allowed.

Additional Cost and Local Operators: Participating in night game drives incurs an additional cost, and they must be arranged through licensed local operators to ensure a safe and responsible experience.