TreeTop Walking

Experience Lake Manyara National Park from a unique vantage point with this incredible new attraction. The Treetop Walkway, spanning 500 meters and elevating you to 18 meters above the forest floor, provides a distinctive perspective on one of Tanzania’s most cherished parks.


The Treetop Walkway can be seamlessly integrated into any safari, including Lake Manyara National Park, requiring approximately one hour to complete. Feel free to pause for photo opportunities or simply revel in the breathtaking views along the way.

This experience is available throughout the park’s operating hours, allowing flexibility for visitors to embark on the Treetop Walkway at their preferred time of day.

Treetop Walk Highlights

Introducing a novel perspective of Tanzania’s National Parks, Lake Manyara National Park’s Treetop Walkway stands as a pioneering attraction in the country.

Spanning 500 meters and reaching a height of 18 meters above the forest floor, the Treetop Walkway offers an enjoyable and unique complement to traditional game drives for exploring the park.

Featuring nine suspended bridges and multiple viewing platforms, the Treetop Walkway provides opportunities to marvel at the beauty of Lake Manyara from an elevated vantage point.