Visit Seychelles

Africa’s beloved coastal haven has consistently mesmerized people globally, and now, Shadows of Africa clients have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the allure of this exquisite island nation!

With its 115 islands, the Seychelles stands as a beacon of natural splendor, boasting two UNESCO World Heritage sites that beckon travelers from every corner of the globe. Enthusiasts can revel in the island’s pristine beaches, traverse its lush mountainous landscapes, plunge into the jade-hued waters, and absorb the captivating blend of African and French cultures that define its unique identity.

Beyond the sun-kissed beaches and vibrant coral reefs, the Seychelles offers a haven for aficionados of architecture, culture, culinary arts, and the fine arts—a multifaceted destination that inspires all who venture here. It is truly a place where inspiration takes root.

Seychelles Holidays
The Seychelles is an ideal spot for you to unwind after the hustle and bustle. Whether you’re just finishing up a safari or cultural exploration on the African mainland or you’re looking to unwind after a long working year, the Seychelles is a perfect island escape for all your relaxation needs. While its beaches and reefs are its biggest draw card, the Seychelles French-African culture means it is also a Mecca for artists, foodies, and culture junkies. There’s a wealth of things to explore and experience. Divers will delight in the abundant life that exists among the island’s many reefs and coral atolls, fishing enthusiasts will find more than enough to occupy them farther off shore, and those who enjoy quiet cultural exploration will find more than enough to engage them in cities such as the nation’s capital, Victoria. The Seychelles is a place for relaxation and inspiration.

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Seychelles Activities
For many tourists visiting Seychelles, it’s all about the beaches and the reefs. There are literally dozens of beaches on the islands of the Seychelles, each more beautiful than the last. With options ranging from resort beaches with all of the facilities to isolated stretches of white sand reachable only by private boat, the Seychelles is a beachgoers paradise. Scuba diving, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, sailing, kayaking, and other water sports are also found in abundance on the islands. The cities and towns of the Seychelles are not without their charms either. World class restaurants serving cuisine from all around the world, beautiful architecture, art studios, historic sites, museums, and casinos ensure there is something for all tastes.

We haven’t forgotten nature lovers! In addition to the incredibly diverse range of activities to be done in the water, the Seychelles also boasts astoundingly beautiful parks, reserves, and mountains just begging to be explored by the adventurous.

Honeymoon in Seychelles
What better place to celebrate your recent affirmation of love and commitment than in one of the most beautiful places in the world? The Seychelles is the perfect place for your honeymoon or romantic escape. Whether you want a fully featured five star resort or you’re looking for something simple and private, Shadows of Africa can arrange the dream honeymoon for you and your special someone.

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Seychelles Culture
One of the younger nations in the world, the Seychelles came into existence as a nation in 1770 when a motley collection of French, African, and Indian settlers made the idyllic island chain home. After the Battle of Waterloo, the 1814 Treaty of Paris saw the island nation ceded into British administration until 1976. With so many competing influences, it’s no surprise that the Seychelles has a very distinct culture. Nowhere is this more evident than in Seychelles cuisine, which is an enchanting fusion of these different cultures. A blend of French, Indian, and Asian influences combine to make Seychelles food some of the finest you’ll ever taste, and the local seafood is something you’ll have a hard time saying goodbye to. Despite the islands’ small population, there is also a thriving artistic community on the island. Artists and musicians from around the world converge on the islands to take inspiration from their serene beauty.