Mountaineering And Hiking

Mountaineering And Hiking6

You probably first thought of trekking, where you’ll be able to see gorillas, right? It is certainly one of the most beautiful experiences that Africa has to offer but by no means the only one. Uganda offers a wide variety of landscapes and many wildlife, and we have chosen for you some of the most […]

Hot Air Balloon Safari

Hot Air Balloon Safari

Unique aerial views of the magic below. A magical experience of silence surrounding the balloon… Quite surreal. Soar high at daybreak and enjoy a champagne breakfast in the savannah upon return. Or go for a sunset balloon flight that promises the most romantic sunset views ever. Info There are two locations for hot air ballooning […]

Golf Safari

Golf Safari2

Whether you prefer a half-day adventure on a nine-hole course to fulfill your passion or wish to make golf an integral part of your journey, Uganda boasts numerous splendid golf courses. Scattered throughout the country, these courses make it easy to organize a game at short notice. Irrespective of the course’s location, you’re guaranteed breathtaking […]

Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping2

Let your heart rate race and feel your blood flowing through your veins, thumping into your head, making it unbelievably light again! Treat yourself with fear-packed-adrenalin-boosted-water touching 44 meters deep heroic freefalling jump! Introduced more than ten years ago, this construction overlooking the Nile in Jinja is Uganda’s only bungee jumping site. UPDATED INFORMATION: Bungee […]

Uganda GorillaTrekking


Encountering the majestic and nearly mythical endangered mountain gorillas, with just around a thousand individuals remaining, is a dream for many. These remarkable creatures inhabit only two (adjacent) locations worldwide: Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and the Virungas, a chain of volcanoes spanning over 280 kilometers across Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. […]