The Best Time To Visit Kenya

Generally, the best time to visit Kenya is all through the dry seasons (January to February or June to October). At these time of period animals are less difficult to find, not only the fact that bushes are much less dense but because the shortage of water in waterhole keep the animals surrounded by, they spend plenty of their time across the waterholes. The short rainy season additionally has its benefits, at this time, the parks are beautifully green and there are far fewer tourists.

The rains fall especially happens in the afternoon, and migrant birds arrive to eat the insects which are just out of their holes. Safari during the March to May in a rainy season is, however, not the best time to visit Kenya because the rains are often relentless.

  • Weather InKenya

Kenya is positioned on the equator, so there is no actual summer season and wintry weather. Rather, the 12 months is split into wet and dry seasons.

  • There Are Two Dry Seasons— One Is Short In January AndFebruary, And A Far Longer One Is From Past Due June To October.

The fast rains fall in November and December, however with the aid of a long way the wettest season is the duration from March to might also. Temperatures are mostly consistent in each location of Kenya but vary from one area to the following according to elevation. The coast, as an instance, is quite hotter than the plateaus in central Kenya and on the other hand, Mount Kenya completely capped with snow.

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