Health and Safety In Rwanda

  • Health and Safety in Rwanda aren't it something you should be concerned about?

Rwanda itself isn’t a particularly unhealthy country for tourists and you’ll never be far from some kind of medical help. The main towns have hospitals and all towns of any size have a pharmacy, although the range of medicines on sale may be limited

The most serious health threat to travellers in Rwanda is malaria. Akagera National Park and other low-lying parts of the east qualify as high-risk malarial areas, especially in the rainy season

Other less common but genuine health threats include the usual array of sanitation-related diseases – cholera, giardia, dysentery, typhoid etc – associated with the tropics (though these seem to affect visitors to Africa less than they do travellers in Asia), and bilharzia, which can only be caught by swimming in freshwater habitats inhabited by the snail that carries the disease.

Mention Rwanda to most people and they think of it as a highly dangerous place. However, it's actually one of the safest countries in East Africa to travel in today. Serious crime or hostility aimed specifically at travellers is very rare, and there’s no more to worry about here than in most other countries. Kigali is a genuine contender for the safest capital in Africa, though, as in any big city, take care at night and don't take unnecessary risks.

Most casual thieves operate in busy markets and bus stations. Keep a close watch on your possessions in such places, and avoid having valuables or large amounts of money lost in your daypack or pocket. Never take photographs of anything connected with the government or military (post offices, banks, bridges, border crossings, barracks, prisons, and dams) – cameras can and will be confiscated by the rather overzealous police or security services. Health and Safety in Rwanda aren't going to be an issue if you keep these things in your mind before planning your trip to this beautiful country.


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