Health and Safety In Tanzania

One of the oldest ecosystems on the planet, the Tanzania forests boasts a diversity of flora and fauna that is unavailable in any other part of the world. The forests have not changed a bit in over 1 million years. Trips to the forests can be fatal if health and safety in Tanzania are overlooked.

  • Here's what you need to know to stay immune and healthy-

Be prepared for Frostbites and Altitude Sickness- When in Africa, frostbite is not a usual problem. But on Kilimanjaro, frostbites can be a real concern. The mountain is 19,341 feet above the sea level. Be careful when climbing onto the top of the mountain. Wear proper winter gear to avoid frostbite.

Africa's highest peak Kilimanjaro has also witnessed tourists suffering from altitude sickness. High altitude sickness can sometimes even prove to be deadly. Properly acclimatize yourself before climbing the high mountain. protect yourself from pulmonary and cerebral edema when in Tanzania.

  • Malaria and Yellow Fever Vaccinations is a must

The most important warning in Tanzania is about the risk of contracting diseases like yellow fever or malaria. Vaccinate yourself with yellow fever vaccinations before entering Tanzania. Ensure the correct medication to help prevent malaria in Tanzania. Always carry a mosquito spray with DEET and use it as often as possible.

  • Immunizations

As such there are no legal immunizations to travel to Tanzania if you are from Europe or the US. However, you do need to prove your yellow fever inoculation before visiting Tanzania. Some of the highly recommended vaccinations during your visit to Tanzania include-

  1. Diphtheria
  2. Typhoid
  3. Yellow Fever
  4. Hepatitis A

Also, it is important to keep yourself updated with tetanus and polio vaccines. Getting rabies shots before visiting Tanzania can help you during long stays. Keep these points in mind while you visit the Tanzanian forests. Call us or visit our website to learn more about health and safety in Tanzania.

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