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If you are a wildlife or travel lover hunting for an unforgettable trip, Tanzania Safari is definitely the one on the top of your bucket list. Spectacular scenery and an amazing wildlife feature Tanzania Safaris. For more than just a place to track the Wildebeest and Big Five migration, we have gathered ten reasons to choose Tanzania Safari over any other safari on your list.

  • World Class Hiking Experiences

Unlike other African Safari destinations, Tanzania does not offer a walking safari. However, there are a plenty of breath-taking hikes taken by the adventurous and the enthusiasts. From the volcanic slopes to the verdant jungle of Empakai Crater to the towering heights of Mount Kilimanjaro to OlDoinyoLengai, Tanzania Safari is a hiker's utopia.

  • Climbing Mount Meru

Mount Kilimanjaro can be the ultimate goal for professional hikers. Tanzania safaris offer a less challenging hike at Mount Meru. Less daunting and shorter, Mount Meru acclimatizes for Kilimanjaro and can be achieved in just three days.

  • Empaakai Crater

If you do not actually want to conquer the high mountain peaks, a day trip to the Empaakai Crater in the Ngorongoro Highlands can be a great way to start your Tanzania Safari. You can expect to encounter monkeys, bushbucks, buffalos and a variety of birdlife.

  • Climbing the volcano OlDoinyoLengai

The OlDoinyoLengai is an active volcano and a challenging hike with amazing views of Lake Natron.

  • Arusha National Park Walking Safaris

Lack of dangerous wildlife makes the Arusha National Park a great place for the young and old to go hiking. Tanzania remains one of the most beloved and enchanting safari destinations in the world, for a hiker, climber and other adrenaline junkies and nature enthusiasts, Tanzania have a host of exciting activities on offer, be it trekking, kayaking, mountain climbing and more. Book your Tanzania Safari with us. Call us or visit our website-

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