Mafia Island is the site of Tanzania first Marine Park which was gazetted in 1995. The Park covers the southern half of the island and part of the north-east.

It’s fascinating settings that include the mangroves, sea-grass beds, coral reefs, inter-tidal reef flats, lagoons and coastal forest are enough to captivate anyone’s mind and fulfill anybody’s travel need.

If you are interested in snorkeling or learning of diving then the shallow reefs in the bay is the perfect site to be explored. The long coral wall that guards to the entrance to the reef is attracting to some of the seasoned divers. The 50 genera of corals, which include the giant table corals, huge stands of blue-tipped stag horn corals and over 400 species of fish, are enough to make your tour to Mafia the most exciting.

Some of the amazing marine lives starting from the rainbow-coloured clownfish to octopus, rays and the odd gigantic grouper or large potato cod, Sharks and dolphins in the deeper water would really give you the real African charm. Visit to remote beaches to find the turtles crawling to their nests and if you are a newly married, then noting can be the best place in Tanzania for a romantic honeymoon than Mafia. You would never forget an excursion to this Mafia Island.