Rwanda Safari Tips to know before you go

For any safaris to Rwanda, you certainly need to be well prepared, organized and above all make the best choice, so underneath are few tips

Rwanda Safari Tips To Know Before You Go:

  • Packing list

For the first travellers, you can start your packing with essential items, while focusing on the reason you are traveling to Rwanda. For gorilla trekking, you will need a rain jacket, waterproof hiking boots, long sleeved shirts/T-shirts, insect repellents, camera, binoculars, daypack, gardening gloves and many more.

  • Practice gorilla etiquette and the Best time for gorilla trekking

While on gorilla safaris in Rwanda; don’t stare straight into gorillas’ eyes, maintain silence at all times but feel free to ask the guide questions, keep a distance of 8 metres away from the apes, don’t smoke or eat in the forest, in case of cough or flu, turn your head away or simply don’t go for gorilla trekking if you are sick and don’t use cameras with flashlights. However, gorilla trekking can also be conducted during the wet season which takes place in March, April, and November and this is usually the low season.

  • Money tips

Rwanda is a cash-based economy with the Rwanda francs and US dollar is largely used. For personal spending in Rwanda, you are encouraged to have your money exchanged in the local currency.

  • Safety and security in Rwanda

Rwanda is safe and secure for you to travel to for your gorilla trek or wildlife safari, for unknown places, you are encouraged to take personal safety by following the safety and security measures that will be available to notify you on travel times in certain areas.

  • Your health status

Your health matters are very important to take note of while on a safari to Rwanda. You need to be free from any of illnesses to be allowed to track gorillas.

  • Mobile use

Rwanda has the best cell phone network that is concentrated around the country and you are free also to travel with your unlocked cell phone then buy.

In conclusion, the travel advice and tips are important for you as they guide you as you plan your safari to Rwanda. Follow the above Rwanda safari tips to know before you go.


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