The Best Time To Visit Kenya

Typically, the optimal time for a visit to Kenya is during the dry seasons, spanning from January to February or June to October. During these periods, animals are more easily spotted due to less dense vegetation, and the scarcity of water in waterholes keeps them in close proximity. They tend to spend a significant amount of time around waterholes. The brief rainy season, however, has its advantages, as the parks turn lush green, and there are fewer tourists.

The rainfalls, occurring mainly in the afternoon, attract migrant birds feasting on newly emerged insects. Despite its beauty, visiting Kenya during the March to May rainy season is not ideal, as the rains can be relentless.

Kenya’s weather, being situated on the equator, lacks distinct summer and winter seasons. Instead, the year is divided into wet and dry periods.

There are two dry seasons – a short one in January and February and a more extended one from late June to October. November and December experience brief rains, while the primary rainy season is from March to May. Temperatures are generally consistent throughout Kenya but vary based on elevation. Coastal regions, for instance, are warmer compared to the plateaus in central Kenya, and Mount Kenya is notably capped with snow.

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