The Western Circuit Of Tanzania which falls on the off the beat track of the normal safari route receives less tourists and attraction, but that doesn't mean it has little to nothing on offer. It can be equally appealing to visitors who've already been to the Tanzania Northern Circuit. Apart from having a rich biodiversity, the parks within Western Tanzania Safari are remote. Hence the unexplored plains and wilderness of this part are awesome for people seeking momentary isolation.

This part of Tanzania has large chimpanzee population as its primary unique offering. These chimpanzees are carefully preserved as they are now listed under the endangered species list with only 100,000 to 200,000 left in the wild.

Here's What The Western Tanzania Is Home To:

  • Gombe Stream. Gombe Stream National Park is the smallest park of Tanzania with an area of 52 square kilometers, one-two eighty third part of Serengeti. It is famous for colossal amount of primate inhabitants. The steep hills and valleys are perfect for a walking safari tour or trekking.
  • Mahale Mountains. Isolated from the rest by thick forest, it is also a chimpanzee paradise. Considered one of the best picturesque places in Tanzania, it can only be reached via air or boat as there are no roads to the park.

The Other Main Attractions Of The Western Circuit Of Tanzania Include:

  • Katavi National Park (Some part of the park is straddling between western and southern Tanzania)
  • Jane's Peak
  • Kakombe Waterfall
  • Lake Tanganyika

So Tanzania Safari Tours can be equally exciting and adventurous with a unique taste with Professional Safari Africa. Kindly visit our Contact Us page to get in touch with us for any queries or bookings regarding Western Tanzania Safari.

Gombe Stream

Gombe Stream

Gombe National Park (often, but incorrectly, called "Gombe Stream National Park"), is located in western Kigoma Region, Tanzania, 10 miles (20 km) north of Kigoma, the capital of Kigoma Region.

Mahale Mountains

Mahale Mountains

Mahale Mountains National Park lies on the shores of Lake Tanganyika in Kigoma Region, Tanzania. Named after the Mahale Mountains range that is within its borders,...


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