The beaches of Zanzibar are unlike anything else. The idyllic beaches lined by sky-high palm trees coupled with colored coral reef and healthy marine life gives this island region an edge over others. Our Zanzibar Tours are perfect to provide you the best coastline experience.

The town and cities of Zanzibar carry equal weighting because of their rich cultural past and present. Zanzibar was colonized by nearly all groups, namely Persians, Omanis, Arabs, Germans, Portuguese, Germans who constructed their own monuments and buildings, the ruins of which are a major tourist attraction of this place. The iconic Stone Town houses many of such monuments and is a treasure trove for anyone even slightly interested in the deep and rich past of Zanzibar archipelago.

Lately many hotels and resorts got constructed along the beaches; mostly all provide excellent Tanzania Budget Accommodations and splendid sea-facing view. La Residence which lies in the southwest part of the island is a top-end sumptuous hotel with all the modern amenities.

Professional Safari Africa offers safari adventure and relaxation with the below Zanzibar Tour Packages.

  • Zanzibar Beach Holidays: Zanzibar Beach Holidays is flawless for honeymooners or independent travelers to escape to after completing a longer safari.
  • Safari & Zanzibar Beach Holidays: Safari & Zanzibar Beach Holidays offer exclusive wildlife safaris and Zanzibar Beach Holiday to get the flawless service in luxurious surroundings.

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Zanzibar Beach Holiday

Zanzibar Beach Holidays

After the adventure of a safari, there's nothing better than to relax in paradise. A Zanzibar Island beach holiday is flawless for honeymooners or independent travelers to escape to after completing a longer safari/stay in Serengeti,

Zanzibar Beach Holiday

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