African Natural Wonders

The new Seven African Natural Wonders were announced in Arusha, Tanzania a few years back – here are the seven incredible places that made the list:

African natural wonders and interesting facts about them:

  • TSerengeti Migration

Did you know?

  1. The migration crosses Tanzania and Kenya
  2. It is the longest and largest overland migration in the world
  3. The name Serengeti means “endless plains”
  • Ngorongoro Crater

Did you know?

  1. It is the largest unbroken volcanic caldera in the world
  2. It’s is referred to as “Africa’s Garden of Eden”
  3. It’s home to over 30,000 animals including the rare black rhino
  • Mount Kilimanjaro

Did you know?

  1. It is the tallest mountain in Africa, reaching 5,895 m
  2. It’s the tallest free-standing mountain in the world
  3. There are seven different peaks, with Uhuru Peak being the highest
  4. Kibo peak features a 1.5-mile wide crater
  • The Nile River

Did you know?

  1. It’s the longest river in the world stretching 4,132 miles (6,650 km)
  2. It traverses across 10 countries
  3. The mouth of the river is in Egypt
  4. There are two sources – one in Uganda and the other in Ethiopia
  • Volcanoes National Park

Did you know?

  1. This is where the world’s remaining wild mountain gorillas live.
  • Nyungwe Rainforest

Did you know?

  1. Nyungwe is Africa’s largest protected mountain forest and home to 13 species of primates including chimpanzees, large troops of colobus monkeys, grey-cheeked manga beys, and baboons.
  2. The birdlife here is extraordinary – over 250 species in all.
  • Lake Kivu

Did you know?

  1. Lake Kivu is one of Africa’s Great Lakes.
  2. It is home to the tenth-largest inland island in the world, Idjwi.

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