Tanzania Climbing Adventures

The African country Tanzania is best known for being grounds to Africa's highest point; Mount Kilimanjaro. If you are among the enthusiastic climber groups, Tanzania offers you an experience of a lifetime with a chance to reach to the top. However, you do need to invest time and effort apart from money to conquer the Tanzanian rooftops.

Some Of The Challenging Tanzania Climbing Adventures Include-

  • Machame Route:

The Machame Route, the most popular route in Tanzania among the trekkers, with a high summit is a week's climb. It is one of the most challenging routes with excellent acclimatization and a jaw-dropping diverse scenery.

  • Rongai Route:

The only route on the northern side, it is also a 6 or 7-day climb. It does not offer the best of climb high, sleep low profile but good enough for a climb.

  • Northern Circuit:

It is the newest route to Kilimanjaro and allows its visitors to explore the details of the mountain. The stunning scenery in its backdrop across the southern flanks gives it an excellent view. The route is mostly remote and gives you a time of solitude in the cold mountains. The route is also the most expensive of all.

  • Marangu Route:

It is the shortest route to Kilimanjaro and also the easiest.

  • Mount Meru

It is an active volcano to the west of Kilimanjaro. The mountain has lost much of its sediments in the volcanic blast 8,000 years ago. The volcano has had a minor eruption a century ago. The spectacular ash cone in the center of the rater is a topographic masterpiece. It hosts a rich wildlife and almost 400 species of birds. Thus, the selection of the route and your will to climb is a major factor in determining your climbing expedition. Call us or visit our website to learn more about Tanzania climbing adventures and book your trip now.


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